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It doesn’t matter if you’ve received them as a gift or picked them up yourself, flowers truly bring life to any room and a smile to any face. With just a little “TLC” you can increase their vase life by days – without losing their vibrant colours and sweet fragrance.

Here are a few tips that I use to keep my flowers fresh and last longer:

It is essential that the vase or container you intend to place your flowers in is thoroughly washed. The quality and the temperature of the water also makes a difference to how long the flowers last. It’s best to add room temperature or slightly warm water. I almost always change the water daily.

Don’t forget to cut the stems half an inch at a sharp angle. Use a sharp kitchen scissor or a pair of clippers, as the slanted cut will allow the stems to absorb more water. I cut the stems of my flowers every day.

Leaves of foliage that are below the water line will rot and decay, which allow bacteria to grow. This in turn blocks the ability of the stems to absorb water.  Do not remove all leaves along the stem as the flower bud requires some leaves at the top for the hydration process. I usually keep 4 to 5 leaves on each stem and remove the rest.

It’s important to remember to keep your floral arrangement away from direct sunlight, and to try and place them in a cool spot. Also avoid placing near direct drafts, such as a fan or AC draft as this will dehydrate the flowers. I usually place my vases on the entrance table or my desk. After all, I want them in a place where I can see them the most.

Each variety of flower will have a different lasting life.  If you receive a bouquet of mixed flowers, such a roses and chrysanthemums, keep a check on all the stems and do not over crower the vase. Flowers need some like many of us need some space, to bloom. I use different sized vases for different type of flowers.

Nothing says Spring like a vibrant bouquet to brighten up your day, and now you can make the most of your flowers.

Hina Usman

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